What Is Family Asset Recovery?

Imagine that you are the heir to a $100,000 fortune that a loved one has left behind but you are either unaware that this fund exists or you have been unable to recover it for a variety of reasons. Wouldn’t it be great to have a trustworthy company to turn to when you need assistance in successfully recovering the fund? Family Asset Recovery is an organization the helps families uncover and retrieve assets that they are legally entitled to. Based on the principles of hard-work, honesty, and dedication, Family Asset Recovery will assist you and your family members through each and every step of locating and claiming assets that are available for you.

Our First Case

Want to know how we got our start? Read all about Family Asset's first successful recovery!

Our First Case
Family Asset Recovery researchers use public records and other information to provide guidance to the claimant on their asset on how to go about recovering it.

With the help of Family Asset Recovery, asset owners may rescue funds that may otherwise go untouched or claimed by the state.
The benefits of recovering your assets are countless. Choosing what to do with the rescued funds is entirely up to you, we just help you make that decision possible.

Why Choose Us?

      • Trustworthy business owners with decades of employment with the law
      • Family Asset Recovery has access to research tools that help detail asset records
      • We help you unlock and claim assets you are legally entitled to
      • Recovered assets may help ensure your family’s financial security

*Family Asset Recovery is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists